How do I sync my steps and sleep data (Android)?

Syncing your health data is super simple.

The Champion Health pulls your steps (Activity) and sleep data from your Android Health Connect app and populates your trackers.

Please note: Connecting directly to your wearable (e.g. smartwatch) is not possible at this time. Please connect your smartwatch to the Android Health Connect app before following the steps below if you want your smartwatch to populate your health trackers.

To set up this integration, follow the steps below.

Sync your sleep data

  1. Sign in to your Champion Health account
  2. Click Profile
  3. Click Integrations & Settings
  4. Turn the "Connect Sleep Hours" toggle on
  5. Turn the "Allow all" toggle on
  6. Click "Allow"
  7. Sync your activity data (steps) by turning the "Connect Step Count" toggle on
  8. Turn the "Allow all" toggle on
  9. Click "Allow"

Please see a screen recording of what this looks like in real time below:

And you're all set!

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