What are Goals?

You can now set up to 3 goals on the Champion platform.

This brand new feature is designed to make change a reality, helping to keep you accountable for your progress and shapes your journey through the platform.

Each goal is monitored via a tracker, and you can see whether you've reached your goal by updating your health assessment. There are 10 goals to choose from:

  1. Improve sleep quality (monitored via the Sleep tracker)
  2. Be more active (monitored via the Activity tracker)
  3. Reduce stress (monitored via the Stress tracker)
  4. Improve mood (monitored via the Mood tracker)
  5. Eat more fruit and veg (monitored via the Nutrition tracker)
  6. Drink more water (monitored via the Hydration tracker)
  7. Drink less alcohol (monitored via the Alcohol tracker)
  8. Increase productivity (monitored via the Productivity tracker)
  9. Boost energy levels (monitored via the Energy tracker)
  10. Stop smoking (monitored via the Smoking tracker)

See your goals all in one place

Once you set a goal, you can then view your progress. Click through to a goal to view:

Days on Target

This indicates the number of days you've been on track to reach your goal, calculated by comparing your daily progress with your latest health assessment result.

Current Streak

This is the current consecutive days you've been on target since setting the goal.

Best Streak

This is your highest number of consecutive days on target since setting the goal.

Want to check if you've achieved your goal? Update your health assessment and see whether all your hard work has paid off!

The platform will analyse your results in real time and share a summary of your progress at the end. Whether you choose to stick with the same goal or select another is up to you!

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