What is Champion Health+ Physiotherapy?

Champion Health+ offer a hybrid physiotherapy model, providing virtual and/or hands-on treatment depending on clinical need. Depending on the package selected by your organisation, you may have up to 6 sessions of physiotherapy included free of charge.

If you're not sure whether physiotherapy is available to you, please speak to your employer.

CH+ Services

By accessing physiotherapy through Champion Health+, you will receive:

  • A high-quality virtual physiotherapy assessment (without the need for a GP appointment)
  • Regular treatment sessions with the same physiotherapist (up to 6 sessions)
  • Bespoke exercise plan and video tutorials to aid recovery between appointments
  • Face-to-face treatment depending on clinical need (at one of 850 clinics nationwide)

You can find more information and the booking link within your health report. Please navigate to 'Physical Health' then 'MSK Health' and scroll down to your action plan.

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