What notifications can I set up?

On the mobile app, you can set 3 types of notifications; content reminders, tracker reminders, and behaviour reminders.

Content reminders

You can set a reminder to watch or listen to any piece of content on the platform. For example, you can set a reminder to listen to your favourite sleep story each weekday night, or take part in a guided breathing practice each morning.

Learn how to set a content reminder by watching the short video below:

Tracker reminders

A tracker reminder notifies you when its time to complete a tracker entry. This helps you stay on top of tracking your progress. Learn how to set up a tracker reminder in the video below:

Behaviour reminders

Behaviour reminders notify you when it's time to perform an action and build healthy habits, like drink water regularly, meditate, or get ready for bed at the same time each night. Learn how to set up a behaviour reminder by watching the video below:

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