How do I find the trackers?

Trackers are available on both desktop and mobile and you can find them in two different ways. Tracking your progress is 100% optional but it can play a huge part in improving your wellbeing.

To find trackers on desktop, please follow the steps below:

  • Start on the For You page and open the health area you would like to track from the list along the top of your screen
  • After opening the health area, you will see the option to "Track" at the top of the screen
  • Select "Track" and the tracker feature will appear and you can begin entering your data

See screen recording below to view this in real time.

Alternatively, you navigate to the tracker feature by:

  • Selecting "Goals" in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen
  • Selecting Track in the Goal Actions section

See screen recording below to view this in real time.

You can take the exact same steps on mobile the mobile app and navigate to the tracker feature. The below video shows what these two steps look like on the mobile app:

See what you can track below:

In Physical Health you can track:

  • Smoking craving intensity
  • Did you smoke today?

In Movement you can track:

  • Your activities
  • Your steps
  • Your activity influencers

In Sleep & Rest you can track:

  • Your sleep duration
  • Your sleep quality
  • Your sleep influencers

In Mental Wellbeing you can track:

  • Your stress rating
  • Your causes of stress
  • Your mood
  • How you are feeling
  • Number of mindful minutes

In Nutrition you can track:

  • Your meal times
  • Fruit and veg intake
  • Number of takeaways

In Hydration & Alcohol you can track:

  • Your water intake
  • Your hydration influencers
  • Alcohol intake

In Work & Productivity you can track:

  • Your productivity

In Energy you can track:

  • Your energy
  • Your energy influencers
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