Completing a safety action plan

What is a safety action plan?

A safety action plan is a document that can help you stay safe when you are in distress or experiencing suicidal thoughts. You can download our template here.

Why should I write one?

A safety action plan is helpful during times of crisis, as it lists all the things you can do to distract yourself and keep yourself safe - things which are difficult to bring to mind when you're struggling to think clearly. It can also be used to keep important contact details to hand, including who to contact in an emergency.

When should I complete it?

It’s best to complete your safety action plan when your mind is clear and you're able to talk about and identify the things that help during a crisis.

Who should know about it?

Your safety action plan can just be for you, or you can share it with someone you trust. This person could also help you complete it, if you are finding it difficult to come up with ideas.

Download the template here.

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